Municipal Arts Society 'Jane's Walk NYC' 2021

“Virtual Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt of Two Bridges”Presented by Oliver Street Studio in honor of Jane Jacobs and in the style of Stanley Greenberg

Just after retail started reopening in 2020, we came upon Stanley Greenberg’s 2019 book "Codex: Typologies of the City" while perusing the shelves at McNalley Jackson bookstore in South Street Seaport. After being quarantined and isolated from exploring the City, we were drawn to the notion of re-discovering our neighborhood through Greenberg’s very approachable lens.

Greenberg presents his photography that is profoundly perceptive to the City around us. He documents components of New York City that are integral to its existence but rarely the subject of our Instagrams.

These chunks of infrastructure and tracks of history lay just out of bounds of our typical insights; however his photographs of these ordinary places bridge a gap between the mundane and sublime.

In the foreword to Greenberg’s book, Karrie Jacobs astutely draws connection between Greenberg and Jane Jacob. His photography “is not prescriptive… he simply looks and allows us to look with him.” It’s inclusive in a quiet way. “We can make the city better by observing it closely and responding to what we find.” He doesn’t qualify the subject matter just invites you to “consciously, willfully observe”; a quality “implicit in Jane Jacob’s advocacy of close-grained detail.”

In this vein and in honor of personal hero: Jane Jacobs, Oliver Street Studio invites participants to “See What We See” when observing our beloved neighborhood of Two Bridges.

We have mapped locations according to Greenberg’s 19 typologies in lower Manhattan for a virtual ‘walk’ where participants are encouraged to visit sites “on their own” during the MAS “Jane’s Walk Festival” week from May 3rd thru 9th.

Check out our map of these 19 typologies with pics and links:

Alleys| Bridge/Tunnel/Track | Buttresses | Cemeteries | Gas/Electric | Geology / Topography| Grid/ Non-grid |Little Streets |Parking Lots|

Parking Sheds| Playgrounds | Relics | Sanitation | SkyBridges |Vacant Spaces |Wastewater Treatment |Water Supply |Waterfront

Photos from Stanley Greenberg's book "Codex: Typologies of the City"